John participates in ICO and sends 10 ETH to smart contract worth $7000

Token sales closes & the non-sold tokens will be saved in smart contract to sell on a smart pre-set values on ERC20 Ethereum contract

 John receives 33,200 FOOOZ token in his Ethereum wallet at the end of the sale

Investment in mining top 10 coins activities begins and & selling price of the coins from mining activities are re-invested in mining for 2 consequent quarters.

25% of mined coins from the mining activities in 3rd quarter are locked in trusted wallet in Swiss.

John will start receive profit from the third quarter and on. Where token profit is calculated = value of 25% of mined coins / number of token in circulations x no. of token owned by john

50% of mined coins are re-invested in mining activities , the distribution of the third quarter is repeated over and over again starting from the third quarter.