How I can claim bonus coins?

You can claim the FOOOZ bonus by holding your FOOOZ coin , every quarter you receive share of the coin profit according to gained profit of the mining activities, please refer to white paper.

How the bonus coins are calculated?

The accumulated asset from the mining activity as described in white paper, will be split between increasing the mining hash power mining activities, assets deposited in secured wallet in bank account to the FOOOZ COIN and revenue splits distributed among the coins in circulation.
E.g., if the percentage to spend as profit share is $5.000.000 and the amount of currencies in circulation is 25.000.000 million coin, so this formula applies
Bonus coins earned per FOOOZ token = $5.000.000 / 25.000.000 = 20 cents / coin all numbers are set as an examples and not set as facts.

When can my coins are available to spend?

Once you purchase and pay for your coins, you will receive your coin in your wallet within 2 weeks from closing the ICO, and you can be store , spend or trade as you want.

Where I can store my coins?

FOOOZ COIN (FOOOZ) is an ERC20 token issued on Ethereum blockchain. Token holders can easily store and manage their FOOOZ tokens using existing Ethereum clients including official Ethereum wallets like MyEtherWallet. Once FOOOZ wallet is tested and released, you will be notified and token holders can move to their FOOOZ wallet or keep in Ethereum wallet as per their preferences.

What is FOOOZ COIN estimated price?

Please refer to market indicator and how the FOOOZ COIN model in white paper to understand what is the coin projection and current and future predicted values.

What are the forms of payment accepted to purchase FOOOZ COIN?

We accept all forms of Cryptocurrency and credit cards to pay for your purchased FOOOZ COIN.

Would the FOOOZ Coin be listed in exchange portals?

FOOOZ Token will be available on Etherdelta and FOOOZ team is actively pushing the coin to be listed in other Exchange portals, and generally speaking it’s all depending on the success of the token sale after the ICO is over. However, FOOOZ is developing a top of art exchange platform that will include all currencies in the market to use FOOOZ coin as a middle coin in exchange among all other pairs.

How do I get FOOOZ card?

We are working with a major bank to offer to the holders the FOOOZ Token credit card , it will be announced soon , expected to be available after the 3rd quarter of token investment activities after the ICO is over, please stay tuned with newsletter we send to you email, and regularly check the news section on the website.

Who can purchase the FOOOZ COIN?

Anyone can purchase the FOOOZ TOKEN as far as no local jurisdictions ban the buyer from participate the ICO sale.

How is the “ Buy now pay tomorrow “ purchase order works?

This option is allowed to facilitate the purchase of more than $1000 value during the ICO, a 50% of down payment is required at tie of placing an order, the remained amount would be paid over 6 consecutive monthly installment interest free.

What is the use of using the “ Buy now and pay tomorrow “ system?

During the ICO, the price is lower than the ordinary price, and when you reserve with today, you will still be able to pay over a period of 6 months with ICO price not the after ICO market price.

When i will receive the Tokens I paid for by using the “ Buy today pay tomorrow” system?

Every time you make a payment, you will receive the amount you paid for.

What if i stopped paying the installments remaining on my balance?

You will not receive the Token that you did not pay for.

What is the founder, development and management Team Reward?

The founders and development team will be rewarded with 20% FOOOZ coin tokens.