Terms and conditions,  when you sign up and join FOOOZ coin affiliate program , you agree un-conditional to the following terms and conditions;

You are 18 years old or older at the time you sign up and become an affiliate.

Your are eligible according to your jurisdictions roles and laws to participate in initial coin offering.

You agree to keep FOOOZ coin away form any dangerous and harm behavior, such as to but not limited to spam , send unsolicited offers or emails in any kind of online-offline channels.

To do not miss present the FOOOZ coin or anticipate in any false promises to prospect investors about the FOOOZ coin or its future value.

To not to present FOOOZ coin in media or news , unless you are granted a written permission from FOOOZ coin to do such press release or similar activity.

To clearly present your self as an independent member of the affiliate program , never represent your self  as a team member or as a formal employee of the FOOOZ coin , or as an agent or representative to the FOOOZ coin .

To never ask for any kind of payments from an investor to facilitate a sale, or submit payment in a name of a third party, nor to  receive any kind of payments in name of FOOOZ coin for any other reason or under any condition.

To actively promote FOOOZ coin in different social channels ,to like FOOOZ COIN page in FaceBook , Twitter , and other forms of social media channels and to keep your posts active till the end of the ICO.

We can only track your contributions and efforts to promote the FOOOZ , the sales generated from your side through your unique link embedded in the banners in your member ares, so please use the different materials on your member area in any post you do to promote FOOOZ coin.

Only in the case of ICO reached the softcap or exceed it, we will pay your commission ;because if ICO doesn’t reach the softcap, we will refund to contributors any Eth.;  they sent to the smart contract.

The commission pay day is one month after public crowd-sale ends.

After you sign up and join  FOOOZ coin affiliate program , start to join

Telegram group and introduce your friend to the program: http://t.me/foooz_coin
Facebook page and invite your friends to the program: https://www.facebook.com/fooozcoin/
Twitter page and invite your friends to the program : https://twitter.com/foooz_coin                                              Google + https://plus.google.com/115187970820771255523          Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkQiE14fkwZT0rXSrsMpRzg?view_as=subscriber

Make at least a daily post to the banners and the other materials present in your FOOOZ account along with your referral link  in all your posts.

Failure to comply withe terms of service , will result in suspending your account.

We reserve the right to change the terms or add to add more conditions and terms with out any further notice. Please check the page frequently for any changes we make.