To encourage efforts introducing and promoting FOOOZ coin ICO project to create a stable coin with a steady growth to the world, we have developed a  referral program.

To join the affiliate system, you have to actively refer others to join FOOOZ affiliate program , actively promote it in social media such as Twitter , Facebook and Telegram till the ICO ends. Everyone has a 3 levels down-line under his name , and will receive 50 FOOOZ for joining, and more coins for every one joins under his name.

Not just coins , but affiliates will receive up to 6% of the sales generated from their downline.

If you are (Smith ), you introduce your friend (Susan) and Susan introduces the next person (Jane ) and Jane introduces ( William ) to join FOOOZ TOKEN affiliate program:
If Susan makes an order, Smith will receive 3% commission of Susan’s order value.

If Jane makes an order, Smith will receives 2% commission and Susan will receives 5% of Jane’s order value.

If William makes an order, smith will receive 1% commission, Susan will receive 2% commission, and Jane will receive 3% commission.

Sales Commission are paid in two different options: in USD equivalent to Eth. which price converted at the time of ICO ends, or in FOOOZ TOKENS.