8 Million Coins Sold In ICO 1St. Round

100 M



100% of not sold coins

 owned by investors 

Publicly monitored
locked storage wallet

Intelligent ERC 20 Proof
Of Assets concept (P.O.A)

No one likes losing good opportunities to earn all the time

(1) A coin it’s price increases every second (2)  50% of erupted coins deposited 24/7 in locked wallet (3) more FOOOZ COINS distributed to investors in every after ICO sale event.

100% of erupted coins are collateral to the FOOOZ coin .  All coins that are not sold in ICO are saved in a smart contract belongs to investors too. In all after ICO sale events, the selling price is distributed bt. investors , more mining power, and more collateral.

To solve the volatility and ups and downs of cryptocurrency by diversifying the collateral coins between the top 10 coins, to allow FOOOZ COIN to continue growth no matter which coin in wallet is up, or which one is down.

Stability and profitability

FOOOZ coin offers corporate and individuals a unique opportunity to grow capital fast , a way to invest in cryptocurrency and earn with any coin price rise.

FOOOZ COIN designed to show a steady surge every second

Why this ICO is different ?


Invest in FOOOZ coin and profit from all top 10 cryptocurrency no matter what coin is up and what coin is down and how red the charts are !

Trillion USD excepted market

cap of Cryptocurrency  by 2020.

Billion potential users of
cryptocurrency world wide


The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and starting on the first one.

Mark Twain

Project Idea
We noticed the cryptocurrency sharp fluctuation on December 2017, when Botcoin price surged from $9000 to 17000 , and then went back down to its first value; the panics and hopes of investors who lost a profit bcs. they sold BTC just before price rise or bought in its peak and then went down! And ended up with : NO identified pattern for cryptocurrency. Asked ourselves why ? and how to fix ? and our journey began !
An Action Plan
We made an action plan with steps to accomplish, and the most challenging part of it was how to turn the logics into a code that can be implemented in the shape of a smart contract over the the trusted Ethereum blockchain .
The Idea Becomes A Reality
Our very talented programmer did a very hard work to make the best out of the ERC20 and introduced the Proof of Assets ( P.O.A) to Etherum smart contracts ,,, they are the best and they turned the idea to a reality . Thank you
Hello World!
FOOOZ TOKEN is ready to start a successful ICO , Pre-sale offer is set to be 31 st . of March 2018
Initial Coin Offer Ends
The FOOOZ TOKEN Initial Coin Offer is in its' end , the non-sold FOOOZ TOKEN are saved in the smart contract, and now FOOOZ will start the 1000 mile road trip to bring a safe coin to invest into the market .
Commissioning Mining Equipment
Start negotiating with providers and miming farms, supply contracts signed to receive equipment in the mining farms, and soon start erupting coins , and deposit in the the collateral wallets to back up the FOOOZ TOKEN value in the market.
Auditing Collateral Value
Every quarter the value of the collateral is announced by the auditing firm and published in different media channels and in the website to all the investors and the world. This process is a repetitive process and performed every quarter.
Infinity Value
Simultaneous cycles of mining , coins distribution to investors, after ICO sale events (P.A.S.O ), deposits to the collateral wallet until all FOOOZ TOKEN are sold ;this stage is expected to be around 2024 : 2026 . And the mining operations never stop , neither the collateral deposits , leading to a state of an endless increase of FOOOZ TOKEN value to an unpredictable price.
Business Study
We put our ideas on writing and started to test every point of the idea , checked its profitability , its durability , and possibility to implement and ended up with tons of papers, researches , charts of last 3 years prices and next 5 years price predictions of the cryptocurrency.
Setting Up A Business
It was clear to us that concept is applicable, and we can create a stress free cryptocurrency to invest in with a stable price in the market and that coin can show a steady increase of price every day too, so we make a move and we established the FOOOZ Co.
Every Aspect Reviewed
Foooz website is online , white paper is published ,privacy policy and disclaimer are intact and more diligence and persistence to bring the project to the light, and to put the best team together to work towards FOOOZ TOKEN becomes the ideal cryptocurrency.
Initial Coin Offer
Foooz Initial Coin initial Offering starts, offering 5 rounds , first round of initial coin offers 25% extra coins to investors and second round 20% extra coins , third round offers 15% extra coins , fourth round offer 10% extra coins and fifth round offer 5% extra coins.
FOOOZ COIN Distributed To Investors
Investors receive the FOOOZ TOKEN in their Ethereum wallet.
Investors Receive Their First Bonus Coins
A 25% of all erupted coins from the mining activities are distributed to the investors in FOOOZ TOKEN starting from the 3rd quarter, the remaining coins are re-invested and deposited in the locked wallet as described in the white paper.
Pre- set After Sale Offer ( P.A.S.O)
When collateral asset reaches 50% or more from the total market value of the circulating FOOOZ TOKEN , the smart contract will release 25% of the not sold token during the ICO to sell according to the market index. It is expected to be around May 2020.
In the News

FOOOZ az featured in the news

FOOOZ is the talk of the city , its intelligent approach of applying the fiat money concept to create a stable coin;
is a one sure step forward thinking towards stabilizing the cryptocurrency as a safe and secure form of payment.

FOOOZ Co. advisers are pioneers in crypto currency,  passionate about innovations , and always find their way to success. Today and in the past during their carrier have been building many trusted crypto platform – and now uniting their expertise to bring to the world the most successful coin ” FOOOZ COIN.”

Sean Kelly

Entrepreneur with 20+ yrs Swiss banking industry practice , ICO start up & blockchain fund raising expertise.

Blockchain Adviser

Seif Abaza

Blockchain security consultant with 10+ yrs experience solidity, ERC20 & block-chain safety.

Initial-Coin Adviser

Schin Bhargav

Serial Entrepreneur , CryptoCurrency Investor, Advisor to Blockchain Startups, and many ICO

We are at FOOOZ Co. a young team from many different backgrounds and countries, have ambition and innovation in Financial Solutions and blockchain projects. Our team consists of Business Developers , Blockchain Professionals, Crypto Expertise, , Accounting talented , Sourcing Agents , Auditing Masters. Due to the different nature of FOOOZ coin, we use many service providers to independently supervise our operations and our on house team to bring transparency and build trust with public and investors.

Dr Hesham Dabah

Entrepreneur with 25+ yrs business development and start up expertise.


Vladimir Pomogalov

6+ yrs experience in logic, solidity, ERC20 & block-chain development


Zyad Adham

Experienced Crypto & Forex trader since 2007,  leader of  5,000+ follower traders in telegram & FB .


Albina Pomogalova

Smart contract developer and tester with Ropsten, Rinkeby & Trufflea networks.


Otmani Amed

Brings 30+ yrs of experience as auditor of Al-Melod ِِAl Shaby Biz. imper with 9 figures business size in  France , Morocco and world wide.


Bouchra Mo-Hamed

Business lady with wide public relation on MENA region and successful new biz. development in GCC region since 1993 .

Service Provider

Jannie Chen

Independent logistic service provider and sourcing agent based in Shenzhen China with 7+ years experience in Mining Equipment. 

Service Provider

El Kady Group , a reliable name on advertising and social media communication service , specialized in new development and stat up on EU & UK.

Service Provider

Service provider, founder GC Know How Ltd accounting firm , other projects &

FOOOZ Co. registered in UK and plans to introduce many adaptable Crypto products to a big segment of population.



Start:March 31 st. , 2018, Saturday, 00:00 AM (GMT)
Soft cap:$1 m
Hard cap:$100 m
Token Sympol:FOOOZ
Exchange rate:1 FOOOZ = 0.25 cents
Total no. of token :613,333,328

Foooz Token Smart Contract Address

FOOOZ COIN smart contract address . DO NOT use to make a deposit .

  • 1% PRE-SALE
  • 4% "Bounty" campaign
  • 20% Founders and Team
  • 75% PUBLIC ICO